Food Allergen Awareness training
5th December 2017

December 13th marks three years since the introduction of allergen awareness legislation here in the UK, also known as the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulations. While certainly great progress has been made since these laws came into effect, sadly we all too often hear stories where someone has died after eating a takeaway or dining at a restaurant.

My team has done a huge amount of work with food businesses across the country and, for the most part, we’ve seen them going above and beyond what is legally required when it comes to allergen awareness. However, that doesn’t mean that there is room for complacency….

We’ve also found that some businesses are still unaware of their responsibilities when it comes to allergen awareness while others do the bare minimum. Food allergies can be life threatening and just one small mistake could prove to be fatal – a risk that’s surely not worth taking?

A recent high profile case was a curry house that substituted almond flour for cheaper ground nut powder, which included peanuts, leading to the death of a customer. Although this incident happened before the new regulations came in, the owner was jailed for manslaughter. Another case is pending where a girl died here in our home town of Manchester after eating a meal at a burger bar. The penalties for failure to adhere to allergen legislation are high and the number of prosecutions should make every business owner make allergen awareness a priority.

Continued education and training is vitally important, not just to the safety of your customers but to your reputation as well. As head trainer here at ELAS, I would be remiss if I didn’t make this my priority as well.

That’s why I’ve developed a couple of specialist allergen awareness courses to help you protect your business.

Our Food Allergen Awareness course is designed for anyone who prepares, serves or sells food in any capacity. The half day course will give delegates the knowledge the need to understand and manage allergen information and confidently provide this information to their customers.

The Level 3 Food Allergen Management course follows on from this to give further guidance on complete management of allergens, from purchasing and delivery of food all the way through to production and service.

Completing these courses not only means that your team will have all the knowledge they need to confidently serve customers with food allergies, they also gain a nationally recognised qualification.

Both of these courses are run onsite at a location and time to suit you. Simply let me know where you would like the training to take place and we will make it happen – each course has space for up to 12 people so it’s a good opportunity to ensure your whole team is completely up to speed.

As always, please feel free to email me at or call me on 08450 50 40 60 for more information or just a casual chat about any of our courses.

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