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12th February 2018

What Do Accredited E learning Courses Offer That More Traditional Training Courses Don’t?

Here at the ELAS Group, we offer a wide range of both accredited e learning courses and more traditional onsite, or classroom-based, training courses. We believe that both methods of training have their benefits for businesses across any sector.

However, will there come a day when accredited e learning courses become the main, recognised form of business training and personal development? As we offer both accredited e learning courses and the more traditional counterparts, we decided to discuss the benefits of e learning can offer over traditional training.


So, what exactly are the main benefits of e learning courses?

At the ELAS Group, we believe that e learning provides 3 fundamental benefits over more traditional training methods for businesses. These are:

  1. Allows learners to study and gain qualifications in their own time
  2. Faster course delivery
  3. Low cost, high value

Allows Learners to Study and Gain Qualifications In Their Own Time

For us, this is the main benefit e learning offers over more traditional training courses. As a business owner, you’ll know how much of a struggle it can be to get your staff together on a single date to conduct staff training. You end up losing an entire work day for multiple members of your staff as if makes sense to train as many people as possible on the same day. However, online courses mean that you are able to provide your staff with a course for them to study and complete in their own time. This could be during their commute, lunch breaks, designated training time that you set aside on a daily/weekly basis or even outside of work. It also enables individuals to identify the courses they need to give themselves a better chance of progression in their career and fit their study around their work and social life. The fact that this kind of training slots so easily into someone’s daily life really does make it a fantastic training solution for the modern, tech savvy workforce.

Faster Course Delivery

In our 24/7 consumer culture people expect to be able to purchase and receive almost anything on the same day (thanks Amazon!) and, with e learning, training has been brought into the 21st century. Online training allows learners to purchase a course and, potentially, receive their certification that same day – provided they can pass it of course. For a business, this is perfect for up-skilling your workforce in as short a time as possible and ensuring that, not only are you getting the best from your staff, you’re making them the best employees they can be for your business. This, in turn, can only have a positive impact as your staff make the most of their newly acquired skills or knowledge to improve themselves and your business.

Low Cost, High Value

How much did the last training course you booked cost? We’d guess it would have been in excess of £500 to train up to 12 members of your staff, right? Online training allows you to book as many courses as you need for your staff at a much more competitive price. For example, we offer a half day, onsite manual handling training course for up to 12 of your staff, at your premises for £495. However, the e learning alternative is available for just £10 per person. Now, obviously, the online course will not be able to provide any of the more practical training elements that are offered by the onsite course, however they make the perfect refresher course for people who have previously completed an onsite course. That’s not to say e learning courses aren’t as comprehensive as traditional training courses. They provide a viable, cost effective alternative and combine all of the benefits already mentioned above.

Anything Else to Consider?

Whilst we believe these are the main benefits offered by e learning, that isn’t to say that training courses will begin to die out. Although e learning can deliver comprehensive, module based learning it can’t provide hands on training. We believe that a truly effective training programme should embrace both traditional and e learning options. As mentioned above, if someone has never completed a manual handling course, of course you want them to attend a course that gives them actual, hands on training. But do they need to repeat the same course every year? We believe that by using the e learning alternative as a refresher course, or even a stop gap before completing an onsite course, you are able to ensure that your staff get the training they need to complete their job and retain that knowledge. But we would say that, we provide the courses! If you’re still uncertain as to whether e learning is right for your business, why not watch the video below:

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