level 3 food safety e-learning
30th January 2018

What type of business do you run?

If you’re not a restaurant or pub owner then you may think that you don’t need to worry about food safety – but that’s not necessarily the case. Food safety is a vital part of more businesses than you may realise.

Any business that handles and/or provides food needs to ensure that their standards of food safety are good.

  • Do you know what the new allergen requirements are?
  • How long are you allowed to leave food out for?
  • Does your business need a food safety management system (FSMS)?
  • How crucial is temperature when it comes to food safety?

These are just some of the questions that should be easy for you to answer confidently if a member of your team, a customer or an EHO inspector asks you. Anyone who works as a manager or supervisor in a business that handles food, in any capacity, needs to have a good insight into food safety, including their role in HACCP, training, communicating and monitoring safety.

Of course it is possible to carry out your own research, educate yourself or even wing it when it comes to food safety standards and practices but I wouldn’t advise it – in fact, whatever you do please don’t wing food safety! Getting this wrong can lead to all kinds of problems including potentially fatal food poisoning, loss of earnings and reputation or it could even land you in jail. It’s just not worth the risk!

As head trainer here at the ELAS Group, I know how important it is to make sure your food safety training is up to date. That’s why I asked our designers to develop an all singing, all dancing level 3 food safety e-learning course to help you take a proactive stance to food safety.

This brand new level 3 food safety e-learning course has all the information your employees need to confidently manage food safety in your business and is especially relevant for managers, team leaders and anyone else who has to develop or monitor HACCP based food safety management systems.

E-learning means that you don’t need to take time and money away from your business with travelling expenses, hotels etc. Your employees can take the course in their own time at a location of their choosing – all you need is an internet connection. Learn on the go, while commuting, on breaks or at home, the choice is yours. This level 3 food safety e-learning course is made up of 21 modules containing over 12 hours of content!  At the end of the course you will sit a multiple choice exam and, upon successful completion, receive a nationally recognised certificate.

It’s time to train that brain! The ELAS Group has been at the forefront of food safety for the last 30 years – get your team ELAS certified and know that you too have reached the highest standards expected by your customers.

To book this e-learning course or simply find out some more information drop me an email at trainer.trev@elas.uk.com or give me a call on 08450 50 40 60. As always, if this e-learning course isn’t exactly what you’re looking for then let’s have a chat about creating one that is.

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    Food Safety Level 3 E-Learning Course

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