Equality and Discrimination

equality and discrimination e-learning

Equality and Discrimination E-Learning Course

The Equality Act 2010 was created to legally protect people from discrimination and racism. However, it doesn’t just apply in the workplace but applies to society in general. The act was created as a way of replacing previous anti-discrimination laws with a single, governing act, which made it easier to understand and to be legally applied. It also created extra protection in certain circumstances. It sets out the different ways in which it’s unlawful to treat someone. Our equality and discrimination e-learning course has been designed to educate delegates about the role they play when promoting equality and diversity within the workplace inline with the Equality Act 2010.

Assessment and certification
Assessment is through a multiple choice exam with successful candidates receiving a certificate upon completion.

Who should sit this e-learning course?
Managers, supervisors and those wanting to promote equality and diversity

  • Equality and Discrimination E-Learning Course


    Equality and Discrimination E-Learning Course

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