24th October 2018

Oktoberfest markets, bonfire nights, firework displays, Christmas markets. From October – December, the number of events serving food & drink to the public increases more than any other time of the year, meaning there is a lot of potential to make money if you’re involved in the hospitality business. This is great news, but also could mean that you’re going to be taking on part time staff to cope with the influx of business.

How do you ensure your temporary staff live up to the high standards of your business? A good work ethic? Positive attitude? Food Safety Level 2?

Two of these would be nice, but one of them is absolutely essential if you want to stay ahead of the competition and stand out from the crowd (and we would strongly advise you do).

No matter how long your staff have been with you, it’s a recommended requirement for anyone who regularly handles, prepares or serves food to have, at the minimum, a Level 2 Food Safety qualification. It’s also industry standard for food hygiene certification to be renewed every three years. So whether you’ve just borrowed your next door neighbours son for an evening to help prepare the bratwurst in the town centre to celebrate Oktoberfest, or you’ve got your cousin serving toffee apples to 500 people at a firework display at your local park, both should have completed their Level 2 Food Safety qualification.

Now you might think that it’s worth taking the risk, and employing them for a one off.

  • “It won’t hurt will it?”
  • “Nobody will find out?”
  • “It’s just for one night?”
  • What’s the most I could be fined, it will just be minimal?”

But if a food safety breach occurs it’s you, the employer, who will be in more trouble than the £15 it would have cost you to purchase our Level 2 food safety e-learning course.

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is find a food safety training provider that delivers high quality courses at the right price – protecting both your bottom line and your reputation. It will bring you peace of mind knowing that your staff are competent, capable and compliant with all the latest food safety legislation.

That’s where I can help.

As head trainer at the ELAS Group – one of the UK’s leading training providers – I ensure that my team delivers industry-recognised training that focuses on improving staff performance as well as motivating them to achieve more.

Our Level 2 Food Safety e-learning course provides delegates with all the knowledge they need to understand food safety hazards and their associated best practices. If you have new members of staff who have no food safety training, then we would recommend that they complete our online, nationally recognised e-learning course.

For as little as £15 (the price of three bratwurst or a few pints) why don’t you make sure your staff are fully qualified to handle, prepare and serve food and drink this winter.

  • Level 2 Award in Food Safety E-Learning Course


    Level 2 Award in Food Safety E-Learning Course

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