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12th September 2017

Can Effective Fire Safety Training Help Your Business?

When was the last time you did a fire risk assessment? How about fire safety training – do your employees know what to do in the event of a fire?

Did you know that there was a 21% increase in fire fatalities last year?

As a business owner it’s not just important to do all you can to reduce the risk of fire and ensure that your employees and visitors to the premises can safely escape in the event of fire, it’s the law and there are strong penalties for those who fail to comply.

What Should You Be Doing To Improve Fire Safety?

Should a fire break out within your business, your first priority is to quickly and safely evacuate your staff from the premises. However, you can never guarantee that everyone will be aware of your evacuation procedures. Similarly, in the event of an emergency people may forget your fire safety procedures. That’s why it’s so important to have a regular programme of fire safety management in place.

As a business owner, you must:

  • Ensure your premises have an up to date fire risk assessment completed by a competent person and that it is reviewed regularly
  • Ensure an emergency plan is present so that you know what to do if a fire does occur in your premises, or nearby premises. You must communicate this with those who work within the premises. You should undertake frequent fire drills to ensure that everyone knows this plan
  • Maintain and regularly test any fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers, alarms and other measures used in fire protection
  • Induct and train all employees in fire safety when they start work. Refresh the training periodically
  • Nominate fire marshals and ensure they have appropriate training

Every business has unique risks and requires different levels of fire safety management. There is no one size fits all approach to fire safety management, and that’s where I think ELAS really excels.

We believe in going the extra step to provide the best possible service to our clients. We also believe that training should be fun – in the event of a fire, your staff are more likely to recall their training if they have enjoyed it! While other companies might use some burning petrol in a tray for their fire training, we have developed specialist fire simulation equipment which can simulate Class A (paper, wood etc.), Class B (burning liquids) and Class C (gas) fires.

Participants on our fire safety training courses get to really work at putting out a fire in a meaningful way. Learning the skills they need in a safe and controlled environment gives staff hands on experience that benefits your business.

Whether you’re looking for general fire safety training or more specific fire safety management training courses, at ELAS we have you covered. My trainers are the best in the business and our fire safety training courses are conducted by fully qualified experts. Feel free to give me a call or email to discuss your training needs.


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