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26th May 2017

Can Effective Health And Safety Training Help Your Business?

According to the HSE, over 200 people are killed each year as a result of accidents within the workplace, over one million are injured and over two million suffer illnesses which are caused by, or made worse, directly by their work. Whilst these figures may sound extreme, they should also be easily preventable if companies ensure all members of their staff complete regular health and safety training courses. By simply ensuring that your staff have completed health and safety training relevant to their job roles, you can:

  • Reduce their chances or injury or illness
  • Develop a positive workplace health and safety culture
  • Discover what you could do to manage your health and safety practices in a better manner
  • Ensure that your business meets their legal duty to protect the health and safety of all members of your staff

Additionally regular, effective health and safety training can:

  • Contribute towards ensuring that every member of your staff is at least competent in the aspects of health and safety relevant to their work
  • Help your business prevent workplace accidents and ill health
  • Reduce the financial costs and absence rates associated with workplace accidents and occupational ill health

What Kind Of Health and Safety Training Is Available?

When you think of any health and safety training course, you immediately imagine a boring, tedious day. Probably consisting of uninspiring, classroom based ‘training’ delivered by an overly enthusiastic ‘expert’. They probably rely on powerpoint presentations and dated handouts. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Health and safety training shouldn’t just be about dull classroom courses and obtaining the required certificates to do your job. At The ELAS Group we offer onsite training courses which are delivered on your premises, open training courses across the UK for individuals to book themselves onto and a wide range of online e-learning courses which can be completed in your own time.

Onsite Training Courses

Our onsite health and safety training courses are delivered at your premises. This allows your business an opportunity to train as many as 12 people at once. This allows your business to ensure that all staff are fully trained to safely and effectively complete their job role. Our onsite training courses include Level 2 Health and Safety training, Level 3 Health And Safety training, Asbestos Management, Manual Handling and many more and these courses are delivered by one of our fully trained, industry experts over a number of days ranging from a half day course all the way through to five day courses.

Open Training Courses

Our open health and safety training courses are delivered across the UK by our fully trained, industry experts and are available throughout the UK including Manchester, London, Birmingham, Belfast and most other major UK cities. Courses places and dates are limited and represent our most popular and comprehensive health and safety courses. If you need training to enable you to complete your job, see what courses we’ve got running in your area.

E-Learning Courses

Our range of Health and Safety E-Learning courses have been created by our team of industry experts to deliver an engaging, informative and educational alternative to traditional training courses. Everything you need is provided within the e-learning course so no prior knowledge of course topics is required. However, it would be helpful and offers a cost effective training alternative to both individuals and businesses.

Why Choose The ELAS Group As Your Training Partner?

At the ELAS Group we know that your staff are the backbone of what makes your business successful. And over the years we have proven that our range of training solutions will help staff reach their potential. So whether you’re looking for an e-learning course to incorporate into your in house training processes or are looking for someone to come onto your site and deliver a five day training, we are perfectly placed to deliver exactly what your business needs. Still not convinced? So why not give our training team a call today on 0161 785 2000 and see how we can help your business and your staff!


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