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5th March 2018

Hi, it’s Trev here

I know we’ve talked in the past about the benefits of e-learning and why this can be a cost-effective option for employers. Well, today I’m going to flip this over and look at the pros of on-site training.

You may be thinking hang on a minute Trev, you just told us that we should be moving away from on-site training….but let me explain. E-learning is fantastic; it allows learners to study and qualify in their own time, speeds up the delivery of courses and offers high value at a low cost. However there are some things that just can’t be done online, and that’s where traditional on-site training comes into its own.

The personal touch

Traditional doesn’t mean boring – let me be very clear about that from the start! I’ve worked hard to put together a team of award-winning trainers who bring knowledge, personality and fun to the training courses they deliver. Walk into any ELAS training course and I guarantee you won’t find a room full of half-asleep people who would rather be anywhere but in that room. We pride ourselves on providing a fun, interactive learning environment tailored to the specific knowledge level and learning needs of those in attendance, each and every time. If you’re struggling to understand something then our trainers take the time to answer all your questions and help you through, rather than leaving you to Google or guess your way through an online course. We work with you ahead of time to find out exactly what you are looking for and ensure that the course content delivered on the day is pertinent to your business – there’s no point giving nursing home staff a manual handling course tailored to warehouse and delivery, and vice versa… We never deliver the same course twice, no matter how many times we teach it.

Everyone in one place

E-learning gives people the opportunity to learn in their own time…but how do you know that they’ve actually taken in what they are learning? Sure, delegates get qualifications at the end of each course but have they taken the time to properly read and take in the information or merely skim read and guessed their way through the assessments? With on-site training we come to you. There’s no need for your employees to travel, get lost, have no wifi connection to complete their course….or any other excuse that they can come up with! You tell us when you want us to be at your business and we are there – all your employees need to do is come to work. We work around your schedule and can deliver our courses over a half day, one, two, or three days, whatever is necessary to meet your needs. With the way our courses are designed, you can be assured that everyone will be getting something out of it no matter how much or how little experience they already have.

Practical, hands on training

There are some courses that really benefit from practical, hands on training that can only be delivered in person – first aid and food safety immediately spring to mind. It’s easy enough to read up on CPR and first aid but until you’ve actually got your hands on one of our interactive mannequins and performed CPR/used a defibrillator yourself it can be hard to know if you’re doing it properly. We hope that nobody will find themselves in a life or death situation where they need to do this but, realistically, some will and nobody wants the first time they have to do CPR to be when it really counts. Likewise when it comes to food safety; working in your kitchens, with your equipment gives your employees the best possible training in their regular working environment. This gives you peace of mind that food safety management is as good as it can be in your business and protects both your reputation and your customers.

Bespoke courses

Whatever you need, we can provide! All our courses are tailored to suit the specific needs of your business. My team of trainers travel the length and breadth of the country bringing our library of courses directly to you, minimising disruption to your business and reducing your costs. Are you looking for training to improve staff knowledge and performance, motivate your employees and provide industry recognised qualifications or to comply with industry requirements? Are you looking for refresher training for long-term, experienced employees or do you have new members of staff who need to start at the beginning?

I believe that a truly effective training programme should embrace both traditional learning as well as e-learning. Yeah, yeah Trev, you’re thinking, of course you’ll say that.

Don’t worry.

As head of training at ELAS I’m not here to do a hard sell. The only thing I want to do is ensure that you get the training that is best suited to your business, your employees and your needs. I’m always here to answer your questions honestly and help you choose or create the perfect course for you.

Just give me a ring on 0161 785 2000 or email me at to discuss all your training needs.


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